The calendar may say February, but that didn't stop a group of Hendersonville High students from getting an early jump on the spring prom season.
Spring prom season doesn't get under way until April, couple of months away, but that didn't stop a group of Hendersonville High students from getting an early start.
With spring prom season fast approaching, several Hendersonville High students have already  
The new Best Buddies Club at HHS
 Despite that the typical prom is held in the month of April, the new Best Buddies Club at HHS was able to make their debut at the statewide Best Buddies Prom with several other clubs.
The students were able to dress up and have a memorable night with their friends- new and old.
Best Buddies is a club that’s new to Hendersonville High School, but has been operating in schools worldwide for 25 years. At the beginning of the year, students from the school’s special education program are paired with a “Peer Buddy” who is responsible for spending time with their buddy twice a month outside of school. This club creates a liaison between our CDC program and the rest of our school body that might not otherwise exist. 
Every year, the Bridgestone arena hosts a Prom for the buddies and peer leaders from schools all over the state of Tennessee. This dance takes place on the floor of the arena where there is food, music and fun. 10 out of 15 of our CDC students were able to attend and 15 out of about 50 club members were able to escort them this year.
“I thought it was awesome,” exclaimed Kelly Evans “the kids were so happy.” The students that were able to go were so exuberant and it was noticeable that they really enjoyed themselves throughout the night. “They had smiles on their faces the whole night,” Evans continued “I know it meant a lot to their parents.”
By Sara Cox


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