The little white Pennies for Pasta boxes placed in classrooms to help raise money for cancer researarch aren't rattling nearly as much as they should be, says one supporter of the fund drive.

"There is not enough participation from all the teachers," CAD teacher Brandy McCarter said recently.

Sponsored by Olive Garden restaurants, Pennies for Pasta is a national program in partnership with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. More than 3 million students participate each year, according to the organization's website.

At HHS, teachers are supposed to encourage students in their second block classes to donate spare change with the idea that kids can make "big change by collecting small change." The money is supposed to be turned in to xx teacher Amy Rickman this week by Wednesday (March 5).

But McCarter and others say participation at HHS has fallen short because teachers aren't pushing the program enough. Even if teachers display the Pennies for Pasta boxes prominently in their classrooms, many fail to advertise them or actively collect the change.

McCarter said the lack of participation is a shame. Since 1994, the program has raised more than $53 million to support the fight against blood-related cancers, help fund life-saving initiatives and provide services to patients and their families, according to the Pennies for  Pasta website.




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