Some teachers use Smart Boards, some still use old fashioned blackboards. 

Teacher Chris Bain hopes to get a good idea of Hendersonville High's technological inconsistencies with a survey his 2nd block class has put together.

The surveys were placed in teachers' boxes last week. 

"If you could fill this out and return it to my mailbox sometime this week, my students would appreciate it," Bain wrote in a xxx email to faculty. "This has been approved, so don't worry about that part."

Bain's technological issues class will use the information for a project it is working on. "We are trying to see where in the school technology needs to be updated," he explained.

Teachers who fill out the survey can expect a visit from Bain and some students during second block "to do a check on technology currently in your classroom."

"If you do NOT want us to come by your classroom, just drop me an email and we will not bother you on this," Bain wrote.

Bain also will be contacting a few teachers directly to see if his students can talk to students in the class about technology - or the lack thereof.





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