Prom tickets will go on sale, April 9 in room 229. Tickets are $50.00 (cash or check) and you will need to show your student ID when buying tickets. After April 24th the tickets will go up to $60.00. If you are bringing a student from another school you must fill out a form before April 24 for approval. 

Dismissal procedure for prom day will be as follows:

You will need to bring a note to the front office by Tuesday, April 24.  We will ONLY be dismissing at the end of each period. Your note must include, 1. Your name, 2. Your grade, 3. Parent signature and phone number, 4. The time you are leaving. We also have a form letter you may pick up in the front office to use. NOTES AND PHONE CALLS FOR PROM DISMISSALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON THE DAY OF PROM. This is considered a regular attendance day.

Arm bands for after prom activities for Holder Fun Center from 12:00am-2:00am will be sold in room 229 for $10 each. It includes go carts, bumper cars, laser tag, gyro extreme, glow mini golf, rock climbing, euro bungee, 2 cosmic bowling games with shoes, $6 arcade card, 2 slices of pizza and large soft drink.


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