Print the following documents at home and work through the checklist in order during Golden Opportunity.

  1. Checklist - A list of each station you should visit during Golden Opportunity. (under revision)
  2. Acknowledgement of SCS and HHS Handbooks - This document should be printed and signed recognizing that parents and students will read and follow all policies set forth by Hendersonville High School and Sumner County Schools. (alt: spanish translation)
  3. McKinney Vento - This document should be printed and signed as a declaration that a student has either a permanent residence (e.g. house, apartment, condo) or a temporary residence (e.g. hotel, motel, car, camper, friend's house, family member's house)
  4. Student Health Information Form - This document should be printed, read, and signed. It is used to note health issues and administration of  medications.
  5. Advanced Ed Survey Confirmation - After taking the Advanced Ed Survey online, please print the final "Thank You" page confirming that you have taken the survey. A limited number of computers will be available on a first come basis the night of Golden Opportunity for those who cannot complete the survey ahead of time.

Read the following documents, but there is no need to print them and they will not be collected during Golden Opportunity.

  1. Hendersonville High School Student Handbook
  2. Sumner County Schools Student Handbook
  3. Sumner County Schools Approved Fees List

Hints and changes

  1. Only Freshmen (Class of 2020) and new HHS students will take ID photographs.
  2. Use the checklist and be sure to stop by each station.


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