Golden Opportunity is just around the corner.  August 1st from 4-7 PM for Seniors and Sophomores and August 3rd from 4-7 PM for Juniors and Freshmen.  All students and at least one parent are required to attend Golden Opportunity.  You will be filling out and turning in start of school forms, having the opportunity to buy athletic passes, parking passes, lockers and pay fees.  Your students will also receive their schedules and school ID's.

To make life easier and speed the process I am attaching the forms that will be collected those nights.  You can print them, fill them out at home and head straight to the lines to turn them in.

Golden Opportunity Checklist  - Nothing really to fill out but you will want to print it as your guide through the school that night.

Acknowledgement of 2017-2018 Important Policies  - This form is signed by you and your student to acknowledge important School Board Policies.  PLEASE fill out the entire form being sure to check yes or no for each item and signing or initialing where indicated.

McKinney Vento Questionnaire  - Please fill out this form and note that after the information at the top you may only need to sign at the bottom.  The instructions can be a little confusing so read them carefully to keep from filling out more than you need!

Student Health Information Form  - Please fill out both pages of this form.  It will be turned in at the nurses station.

Migrant Form  - This is a new form required by the state for all families to fill out.

Military Information Form  - Another new form required by the state for all families to fill out.

Please read the following documents, but there is no need to print them and they will not be collected at Golden Opportunity.  These are for your information.

SCS Handbook 

HHS Student Handbook 

Approved Fee List 

Meal Charge Policy 

Finally, all parents are asked to take the AdvanEd Survey again this school year.  I know that if you are the parent of a freshman this may be difficult to take.  Don't worry just answer what you can.  Returning parents please complete the entire survey.  If you would print the confirmation page and leave it at the first station that would be appreciated.  I am including some definitions of terms used in the survey and a link to the actual survey.  If you do not take it at home we will have stations set up in the library for you to take it prior to leaving.

AdvanEd Definitions 

Survey Link

We should have forms for School Day pictures and Yearbook ordering available as you enter on the G.O. nights.

Whew!  Well I believe that is everything!  Hope this is helpful and gets you through Golden Opportunity a little quicker.  We all look forward to seeing you on Aug 1st or 3rd.


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