Hendersonville High School

A senior Junior Officer Training Corps cadet is helping to fix up the Hendersonville High School JROTC compound as part of his Eagle Scouts Project. 


Darryl Smith Jr. is a senior cadet in the HHS JROTC as well as an Eagle Scout with the local Boy Scouts. As a part of Eagle Scouts, Smith Jr. had to plan and execute a project of his choosing. He chose to use his project to help fix a few things around the JROTC compound with the help of his parents and other JROTC volunteers.


The work has been ongoing and is expected to be completed next month (April).


Darryl’s father, Darryl Smith Sr., was willing to make a comment on all the work that they are trying to accomplish.


“This whole wall was very beat up and had holes in it. We redid this whole wall. Outside we have made new pullup bars, as well as refurbish the old pullup bars for safety, useability and durability,” Darryl Smith Sr. explained.


“We are also re-landscaping around the memorial,” he said. “We are putting a sign up on the front of the compound, that will have the Hendersonville High School H, MCJROTC and the Marine Corps symbol. We’re also going to clean the grounds around the compound, like clean the wall outside the back bays of the compound.”


Lt. Col Jeffrey Stone, senior Marine instructor of the HHS JROTC, was glad to provide his side of the project. He commented on how these renovations and general upkeep will help better the overall atmosphere of the compound and bring up the morale of the cadets who work in the compound.


Lt. Col Stone also expressed how accommodating Darryl has been when it came to working around the set schedule of the program and making sure that everything is done to the JROTC program’s standards. 


Much of this project was made possible by the hard work of JROTC volunteers and donations by 84 Lumber, Home Depot and Holy Cow Soil.


Darryl Smith Jr. said that “ 84 Lumbar gave us most of the wood, Home Depot gave us the 4 by 4’s that we needed, and then the place that gave us this wood, Holy Cow Soils, they gave us all this at cost, all of this was about 50 bucks.” 


Story by Victoria Petersen and Michelle Khoury