Hendersonville High School

Many clubs at HHS revolve around serving the community, but COVID-19 has limited these opportunities and some students have found themselves struggling to earn their service hour requirements.


Danielle Ward and Kelsey Miller, two seniors in National Honors Society and Beta Club, discussed their experiences with obtaining service hours this year.


“They didn’t have as many hours but they gave more opportunities,” Miller explained. 


Many events students have relied on in the past have been limited or canceled, such as Christmas For Kids and the football concession stands. However, extra hours and opportunities have been given for the events still able to occur, such as the Valentine’s Day Grams and the Easter egg hunt at Rock Castle. 


Ward and Miller were fortunate enough to have obtained extra service hours last year, but juniors entering these clubs for the first time may not be so fortunate. 


Jessica De Jorge, Spanish teacher and head of the Spanish Honor Society, also spoke about difficulties with earning service hours.


 “I actually had to waive them for the spring into fall group,” she stated regarding the troubles accumulating enough hours. Lots of opportunities were missed due to COVID restrictions; they had to find alternate ways to get hours that weren’t as hands-on.


Most of the Spanish Honor Society’s makeshift activities won’t be kept, though De Jorge said she would like to continue having club members translate for the school, which was a new opportunity the club took due to COVID. So in the future, HHS students may find themselves giving tours of the school to new students who may not understand English.


She hopes to continue with activities that are short and sweet, expressing the idea that less is more in some situations.


Story by Catharine Hinkle and Emma Yarbrough