Hendersonville High School

It’s inappropriate, hard to ignore, and all over the place at HHS.


Oh, and it’s also really hard to prevent.


“I have been here two years and have not known anybody to be caught for graffiti yet,” observed assistant principal Nicole Jiminez.


Bathrooms pose the biggest problem, with the private stalls a common canvas for cuss words and rude remarks.


The Ville News inspected every student restroom – boys and girls – and found graffiti in all of them, though some were worse than others.


Most of the material was inappropriate, but sprinkled in were a few uplifting, if not particularly deep, messages like “love is love.”


With no cameras in the bathrooms, it’s hard to catch the culprits, but not impossible with hall cameras rolling 24-7.


School custodians clean up the graffiti, and Jiminez said they alert administrators if they find anything troubling.


Story by Skyler Sons and Brennan Wilson

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