Hendersonville High School

The HHS boys soccer team will face Gallatin Thursday (May 6) to decide if they qualify for district competition.


This is the final regular season game for the Commandos, who are 8-4-3 on the year. The game will be 7 p.m. at Gallatin High School.


“It’s going well,” sophomore Henry Vega said of the season. “The team should go far.”


Vega said the players have been practicing hard and watching film of recent games to help them prepare.


Assistant Coach Devin Woodard said the boys soccer team has been less affected by COVID-19 than the girls squad, which had its season last fall when the infection rates were much higher.


The boys team has also been able to compete in tournaments, which Woodard called a “good experience” for learning and improving.


Vega said the team is motivated to continue training and to have a strong finish to the season.


Story by Genesis Carrera and Luke Scherba