Hendersonville High School


The HHS greenhouse is producing a lot of green, and we don’t just mean plants.

The Greenhouse Sale, a school tradition for more than 30 years, raised about $21,000 on opening day alone (April 9). It will continue weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. until the plants are gone.

So far, the spring sale _ there's also one in the fall _ has generated about $25,000 total, said agriculture teacher and FFA (Future Farmers of America) adviser Hailey Gates.

Mrs. Gates said the success of the sale depends entirely on the students. 

“They are responsible for growing all the plants that we sell,” she told The Ville News last week. 

Money from the Greenhouse Sale goes to the school Agricultural Department or to its FFA Chapter and covers supplies for next year as well as “paying for FFA trips, scholarships for students and just helping around the chapter,” Mrs.Gates said.

Many staff and faculty members enjoyed viewing and purchasing the flowers, hanging pots, and vegetables from the greenhouse. 

“Huge shoutout to the faculty and staff that have come,” Mrs. Gates said. “We absolutely love getting to sell to our HHS family.”

The sale was started by a former agriculture teacher, Jerry Cooper, who taught here for more than 30 years.

Story by Katie Moll and Diona Leonard  


Some HHS cheerleaders went to Walton Ferry Elementary last week to help fire up the young students for standardized testing.

They did four cheers in the school’s gymnasium, which was filled with banners, glow sticks, teachers and, of course, screaming kids.

The kids even got to Silly String physical education teacher Alison Harris!

Besides the cheerleaders, some of the HHS drumline was there to perform popular pep rally beats. The kids joined in by clapping their hands.

Story by Ally Hobbs and Alan-Elizabeth Word