Hendersonville High School


The HHS boys' and girls' tennis teams competed in the district championship finals Tuesday (May 10). In a tight competition, the boys team beat Station Camp 4-2 and won the title of district champions while the girls' team got runner up after losing to Greenhill 4-1. 

Both matches started off playing singles. The boys ended up scoring enough points thanks to Carter Brisson's singles game, and were able to push Station Camp into having to win both doubles games. Jake Moore and Jackson Penny were able to win their doubles game and were able to clench the match for HHS. 

“I’m very happy,” Jake Moore said after the match. “I think we will have a good state run, but who knows. There are some pretty good teams at the state level.” 

Coach Brannon Jones said he is proud of both teams for making it farther than they did last year and predicts that boys should be able to make it to state if they play their best and perform well.

Jones said, “I think we can make it pretty far, but we will probably run into trouble if we have to play against any teams from the Brentwood area.”  

On Friday (May 13) the boys team will play off against Cookeville in regionals at 3:30 at Memorial Park. If they win, they will advance to the sectionals. 

In the girls match Lauren Currie started strong by winning the first point for the girls' team. Unfortunately, Greenhill was able to win more points from some of the other singles matches and ended up winning.  

After the girls match sophomore Scarlett Lodge said, “I think we played well this game. They just played slightly better. We have been improving on a lot of things this year, so hopefully if we keep improving; we can beat them next year.”  

“I think we had a pretty good season this year,” said sophomore Grace Franklin. “I hope that next year we will be even stronger and be able to win that district title.” 

In the semifinals the week before, the boys team beat Greenhill 4-0 while the girls beat Wilson Central 4-2 and in the quarterfinals before that, the girls beat Mt. Juliet 4-2. 

Story by Gavin Jones (Gavin is a member of the HHS tennis team)