Hendersonville High School


Members of the graduating class reminisced this week about what they loved most about their years at Hendersonville High. 

Many of the seniors interviewed by The Ville News noted football season was the highlight of high school. They appreciated how much support there was towards the school’s sports teams. 

Senior Q Cox says, “I loved the pep rallies and everyone’s energy.” Similarly, Ian Wills says, “I enjoyed football games a lot because I was in marching band.” 

Another senior, Jackie Schmier, says, “I enjoy how passionate our student body is about football games and sports.”

In addition to football games, many seniors enjoyed the various arts available to them. Members of band, chorus, and theater were thankful for the opportunities presented to them through their passion. 

Senior Madison Penn, a member of select chorus and the band, says, “A highlight of mine is when I got to go to London. We marched in parades and sang at beautiful cathedrals. It was so fun.” 

Theater member Riley Patin says, “My highlight is being in The Adams Family as Pugsly. I also enjoyed going to London with the marching band.”

The arts provided an outlet for all the students to express themselves and meet like-minded people.

 Maddie Peterson, a senior in select chorus, says, “I was able to find people that made me feel like I fit in at select.” 

Hendersonville High’s wide variety of classes allows for opportunities to make new friends. 

Jackie Schmier says, “I love how you can be acquaintances with anybody. You can meet people with similar interests in any of your classes. You can talk to someone you’ve never talked to before and get along with them.” 

Finally, some seniors said their favorite high school memory hasn’t happened yet but is coming soon. “Graduation will be the highlight,” said Randy Summer.

Although the seniors will miss high school, they are ready for their next step in life. We wish them luck and thank them for everything they contributed to the school.

Story by Alaina Dillard, Breslyn Waller and Alexia Whitehead


Not all graduating seniors are headed to college or to work. Some members of the school’s JROTC program will be enlisting in the military or going to college on a scholarship and then later becoming an officer.

Tyler McArthur is enlisting in the Air Force. He chose the Air Force because the recruiter “treated me the best and led me down the best path.” Tyler plans to stay in the Air Force as long as he can and wants to do civil engineering (build airships and architecture for Naval bases).

Ryan Dillion is going to Tennessee Tech on a scholarship and then wants to be an officer in the Army. He plans to do something along the line of aircrafts.  

Josue Pacheco plans to enlist in the Navy. “A lot of Hispanic people after high school go to work . I want to be different and have a good opportunity,” he explained. Josue wants to pursue a career in construction.  

Justin Mumaw, with the help of a great ACT score and a healthy GPA, got accepted into the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. At the academy, he intends to study the branches of the Navy and then choose his career path during his sophomore year. He wants to become an officer in either the U.S. Navy or in the Marine Corps.  Once in the service, he wishes to pursue a career in aviation.  

Sergeant Major Garza said he is very proud of all the seniors planning to go into the military.

“It's great we have young Americans who want to serve their country,” he said. “I think we are in great hands.’’

Major Garza said every service has its strong points and niches, and each one could not defend the country without the other. But then he laughed and added, “Not everybody can be a Marine.”

Story by Maddux Scharett and Drake Dyer