Hendersonville High School


After years of trying, HHS Principal Bob Cotter has finally secured county funds to renovate the school’s science lab. But don’t expect work to begin immediately. 

“Now it’s a matter of getting the architects in to design all the casework and lay everything out,” the principal told The Ville News last week. 

Despite the lack of official blueprints, Mr. Cotter has a vision for the project.  “I think we’ll get new casework, new lab tabletops, new plumbing, gas fixtures, a new hood system,” he explained.   

Fortunately, the lab tools (microscopes, beakers, burners and similar items) are relatively up-to-date and won’t need to be purchased. 

“The equipment we have now is pretty good, what makes things inconvenient is that all of it is in one lab which we have to share,” said chemistry and physics teacher Ralph Gabriel. 

While there is no current plan to expand science lab space, renovation of the existing lab to make it more functional and modern is a step in the right direction. 

Story by Selah Bell  


Agriculture teacher and FFA advisor Amy Garrison is leaving HHS after seven years to teach at the new Liberty Creek High School. 

Garrison said she will miss the school and her co-workers. “I literally work with the best people. They truly are like my family, and we have really grown our program.” 

““I will never be able to thank Mr. Cotter enough for holding this job for me back in 2015,” she added. “I will always carry a little black and gold with me”.  

At HHS, she is one of five agriculture teachers (though after she leaves it will be four because there are no immediate plans to replace the position), but at Liberty Creek she will be the only one. 

Ms. Garrison has already begun the transition to Liberty Creek by “working with the administration there and going to community meetings to make sure I am able to create a program that is reflective of the community and offers what the students want/need.” 

She also worked to get the new school recognized as an FFA (Future Farmers of America) chapter. 

While Ms. Garrison is excited to be starting a new program at Liberty Creek, some of her students are not so enthusiastic. 

“Although my time got cut short with her and I wish I could have her as my advisor all four years of high school, I know she’s going to do amazing at Liberty creek,” said freshman Marynn Enders. “She’s such an amazing and passionate teacher, and I will definitely miss having her around.” 

Story by Allie Conner