Hendersonville High School


Many students walked through the HHS gym on Friday (May 13), applauded on by their peers, as they made their way to the Special Olympics.

“I’m so excited!” Hunter Ryan, a peer at HHS exclaimed before leaving.

Special Olympics was held at Station Camp High School, where groups of all different ages across the county came together for the event.

Shauna Beech, one of the CDC class teachers at HHS, told The Ville News that about 20 peers went and competed in the plethora of events.

 After a bus ride over, and a lot of prop carrying, everyone got onto the Station Camp track for the parade. This year’s theme was “Dreams come true in 2022.” So the group designed multiple props accordingly.

Each of the students competing had an inflatable person with their face on it and a sign that said what their dream was. They also wore pajama bottoms and sleeping masks on their head to fit the theme. 

Here, the pumped-up group of students and their peer buddies went on to win the “Most Spirit” award. They were by far the most spirited and excited group that came. Their smiles and cheers were unbeatable.

After the parade, the Olympics started. HHS had students in every event, and each of them received multiple ribbons.

“I left them in the dust!” Lauren Summers said triumphantly after winning her 25-meter wheelchair race.

Lauren wasn’t the only one pumped up after the games. Grace Anne Hunter exclaimed, “Ohhhh yeah!” after receiving ribbons for her track event. 

The events lasted from early morning until early afternoon, and all of the peers did extremely well. “We took home the win!” said Genesis Carerra, a sophomore student helper. 

After about three hours of getting sunburnt and physically worn out, yet feeling very accomplished, the students headed back to the school. Here, they watched a movie and ate pizza, reveling in their victory.

“Special Olympics was so much fun and was a great opportunity for the peers to showcase their athletic abilities,” said Marley Morris, a sophomore student helper. 

It was definitely a day to remember. The two classes that went came back victorious and happy.

Rodrigo Gallegos-Olivares, a student who competed said, “I’m so excited for next year!”

Story by Ariana Rose and Sidney Stewart