Editor’s Note: The new HHS rock needs a name. You can submit suggestions to an envelope outside the Guidance Office, across from the cafeteria.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the big rock splattered with paint outside the gym is a prime example.

It might not be much to look at, but the rock, which Principal Bob Cotter had placed there at the beginning of the school year, is a thing of beauty to many at HHS.

“That rock symbolizes the War Team,” said senior Conner Strumm, class treasurer and War Team leader. “Through all the storms, that rock will stand. That is how the War Team should be. Whether we are winning 10 touchdowns to zero or if we are getting blown out, the War Team will be there to cheer and encourage our boys. I think our students have pride in the rock and are glad to see it painted black and gold.”

Even Mr. Cotter is a little gushy about the rock. “It’s a matter of spirit where the seniors, student body officers, and War Team can be creative and show that HHS has school spirit.”

The principal put the rock in motion, so to speak, after student body officers suggested to him that it would make a nice addition to campus. Gallatin High and Merrol Hyde Magnet already had rocks – why not HHS?

So Mr. Cotter figured it was time to rock and roll. He cleared things with the county maintenance folks and the idea became, well, set in stone.

The rock hasn’t been without controversy, though. Before the football game with Beech, the Beech Patrol sneaked in the night and defaced it with orange and blue.

Strumm came to school early to paint over it.

“I did not want any Commando to have to see such a putrid and gross orange and blue rock,” he said.

Story by Kelsey Dotson, Giulia Giordani, and Kayla Delk


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