Did somebody order a pizza? The savory smell of pizza baking has been tempting students for weeks now as the HHS cafeteria has begun offering personal pizzas for lunch.

The pizzas come as part of a $3 meal deal that also includes a fruit or vegetable and milk, and they have been a hit with students.

Head of Cafeteria Lisa Adams said she and her staff are selling 500-600 pizzas a day.

“Kids really like the cardboard box packaging over being served food on a tray,” Adams said. “We’ve seen kids buy lunch this year that we’ve never seen before. They really like the pizzas.”

Derek Kincaid, a junior, is a big fan.

“I think it’s way better than our old pizza,” Kincaid said. “It’s kind of greasy though, so I try not to eat it a lot. I ate it twice last week. But it’s definitely a good alternative to the old pizza.” (Pro tip: dab your pizza with a napkin to remove the grease!)

Students also like the portion size. “It’s warm enough to give you that warm feeling, but it’s not too filling - it’s just enough,” said sophomore Kaylee Gonzalez.

Only four schools in the county offer the new Smart Mouth-brand pizzas, which come to the school nearly oven-ready. The Sumner County Board of Education invested a lot of money to get the pizza brand here, Adams said, including installing special ovens at the schools that offer the pizzas.

According to the Smart Mouth company website, “Other companies have tried the transition to schools before, but failed because they took the processing of the dough too far. We had to keep it fresh. To do this without creating too much labor, we had to create an easy system for the preparation of the pizzas.”

What’s next for the pizzas? Starting after Thanksgiving a special “Pizza of the Day” will make its debut. The flavors will become more versatile with toppings such as veggie pizza and buffalo chicken pizzas in the works. 

Article by Bailey Guy and Carly Lancaster



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