“Use at your own risk. Refunds will NOT be given.”

HHS students better pay attention to this warning sign posted on some of the school’s vending machines because they are losing their money to the machines at a troubling rate, according to a recent survey by The Ville News

Twelve of 21 students who reported using the machines on a daily or weekly basis said they lost money this semester. Eight of the12 estimated that they lose money 10 to 20 percent of the time they use the machines. The four other students put that figure as high as 25 percent or more.

The informal, written survey was conducted Tuesday (Nov. 21). Eight students from each grade level were surveyed, but only results for students who reported using the machines either daily or weekly were tailed. If they reported “hardly ever” using the machines, their results were not included.

Dee Gaston, a senior, fell victim to the money-eating machines when she tried to use one next to the stairs in the main lobby. It ate her $1.25 without dispensing the Doritos she wanted.

Abigail Lawson, a sophomore, said something similar happens to her “about 30 percent of the time.” Byron Certeza, a senior, said he loses his money 25 percent of the time.

As a result, some students say they’ve either stopped using the machines or avoid using them as much as possible.

The HHS administration is well aware of the problem. Some students take their complaints to the office (three of the 21 said they told a school administrator about the issue; most reported doing nothing), though there is little administrators can do because the machines are owned and serviced by a private company.

“I call them (the vending machine company) every day,” said front office worker Missy Good. “They’re very quick to respond, but that doesn’t solve the problem.” 

Sadly, students who do choose to use the vending machines are simply taking a risk that may cost them a few dollars and an empty stomach.

Column by Bailey Guy and Carly Lancaster


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