Plastic tables sat in a circle. Students stared intently as creative writing teacher Samuel Gilbert read a short story from one of his students. Once he finished, the group quickly came to life, voicing their opinions of how the story could be improved. Settling the class down, Gilbert led the discussion on how to enhance the student’s writing.


In the eyes of Gilbert, creative expression is a vital part of society. He believes “that a lot of times we are confined by tradition and a process of doing things -- not that traditions and processes are bad -- but some people have these amazing abilities and skills. Creative writing is able to be their form of expression when other things may not come as naturally.”


Gilbert, who also teaches English and songwriting at HHS, took over the creative writing class after teacher Kimberly Coyle left to teach in Uruguay. Teaching the course not only meant getting involved with a new group of students but also heading the school’s literary magazine, “Mosaic.” 


“Mosaic” is a collection of creative works from students at HHS. It is published periodically and available in the school library and through Gilbert in Room 202. In the past, the magazine primarily consisted of short stories, poetry and creative nonfiction as well as student artwork and photos. This year, Gilbert also plans to include songs written by students.


In hopes of making this year’s magazine the best yet, Gilbert appointed four writers to be editors: senior Kayla Delk, juniors Wrenn Arevalo and Katelyn Eddy and sophomore Sara Amos. They read all submissions and give advice on how to improve the work if it is selected to be in the magazine.


Amos said editing others’ work is a challenge that involves “reading through the first time marking grammar, then reading a second time focusing on structure and theme.”


Arevalo and Eddy advise anyone who is considering submitting to the magazine

to “be fearless and put your heart and your pencil on the page. Don’t write for others; write for yourself.”


To submit to “Mosaic,” email the work to Gilbert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or hand a copy to any of the student editors.


Article by Kayla Delk (Kayla is also one of the editors of “Mosaic”)


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