Whether dashing off to visit relatives or sticking around town with friends, most at HHS are happy the holiday break is almost here.

CTE office clerk Zina Crowder will be enjoying it with her family.

“My son, his wife and my grandbabies will be coming home from California for the holidays,” Crowder said. “Most of our family hasn’t seen them in three years, so we’re excited.”

Trinity Palms, a senior, will also spend time with family. “Every year my family comes to my house and we drink hot chocolate while reading Psalms 100,” she said.

Meg Sewell, a junior, will be singing Christmas carols at her church on Christmas Eve. “Oh, and I’m also going to see Cirque du Soleil with my brother and parents,” she added.

Many will be visiting family in other states. Katie Rathert is going to Illinois, Cleo Graham to Florida and Hannah Atwood to Georgia. All three girls are sophomores.

But of course, not everyone has definite plans for the holidays.

 “No plans are the best plans,” said Assistant Principal Christy Wall. “I have two small kids, so we do holiday festivities to the nines. We just play it by ear.” 

Officer worker Becky Sanders will also be home for the holidays, though she’s dreaming of a warm, sunny Christmas.

“I’d like to go to Disney for the holidays,” Sanders said through laughter. “I wish Santa would bring me a trip to Disney for Christmas.” 

Assistant Principal Thomas Oglesby should win an award for busiest Christmas break. He’ll spend Christmas Eve at his in-laws' house, Christmas morning at his own house, then he’s off to his sister’s house in Gallatin. On December 27th, he’ll celebrate his 37th birthday before going to Ohio to visit his wife’s grandparents.

A college football fan, Oglesby said he’s also looking forward to watching ball games while ringing in the New Year – that is, if he finds a moment to sit down.

No matter what your plans for break, The Ville News wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Story by Bailey Guy and Carly Lancaster


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