Perhaps the only thing scarier than the prospect of a thumping at the hands of Blackman in the Commando’s season opener a couple of weeks ago was the ticket line before the game. It seemed to stretch forever across the parking lot. At least a few people groaned when they saw it and headed back to their cars.

HHS is trying to put an end to the long lines with a new e-ticket that can be ordered through the school’s web site ( A little more than 100 electronic tickets were sold for the Blackman game, and HHS Athletic Director Dr. Ron Sarver expects an increase in sales for the Friday (Aug. 31) home game against Station Camp.

“It’s not about the numbers,” said Sarver, who would like to see steady growth in sales with each home game. “It’s more about trying to help people get into the games without standing in line.”

Theater arts teacher Laurie Kerhoulas-Brown and math teacher Connie Ernsberger worked in the ticket booth for the Blackman game. When they saw how long the line was getting, largely due to a reconfiguration of the booth to accommodate a new air conditioning unit, they dashed together some makeshift signs advertising the e-tickets and put them where people could see them. Several patrons ended up purchasing the tickets right there and bypassing the wait.

The electronic tickets do include a $1.05 “convenience fee,” but they likely saved people a 30- or 40-minute wait at that first game.

With an e-ticket, patrons can walk right up to the gate and display it on their phones. The ticket-taker taps a verification screen, and that’s it, the customer walks right in.

Kerhoulas-Brown predicts many will take advantage of the new tickets once “they get to know that it would be so convenient to buy the tickets at their own leisure.”

In the meantime, a pair of good comfortable shoes should help with that long wait.

Story by Kaila Jones, Caden Watterson and Tony Fili


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