Whether heading to Maui or to the mall, HHS students and staff can’t wait for fall break to get here.

“I’m going to Colorado and Wyoming to visit my friends and family,” said attendance clerk Cheri Glor.

Freshman Eva Plummer isn’t traveling as far. “I’ll be going down to Florida with my friend,” she said. Sophomore Abby Kimbrough and freshman Brinson Martin will be in the Sunshine State as well, along with many others from HHS.

The break begins Monday (Oct. 8) and runs the whole week. School won’t resume until Oct. 15.

While some are traveling west and some south, sophomore Ian Sewell is going north, all the way up into Canada.

Sophomore Cheney Phillips will be roughing it closer to home camping with her family in Gatlinburg.

Sophomore Sky Warren might have everyone beat when it comes to exotic locales. She will be in Maui, Hawaii, for fall break.

Not all are hitting the road, though. Many say they will stick close to Hendersonville.

“I will be staying in and taking care of the greenhouse to get ready for this spring,” said agriscience teacher Hailey Gates.

Spanish teacher Sarah Wolf said she’s just thrilled about “not waking up at 4 every morning.”

Guidance officer Gina Kammerzell will use the time off to earn a little extra cash by working her second job at Hobby Lobby.

Whatever your plans for fall break, The Ville News wishes you a safe and happy week off.

Story by Lillie Franks, Eryn Petty, Savannah Kane and Claire Grandlienard


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