As much fun as Homecoming Week was for many HHS students, some say they are glad one part of it is over: Junior-Senior Wars.

“Junior-Senior Wars is always a Homecoming Week tradition," explained senior Dylan Cunningham. "Usually the seniors start it off, but everybody knows the first Monday night of Homecoming somebody’s house is getting rolled or somebody’s house is getting egged.”

Although the pranks are supposed to be harmless and fun, a few students told The Ville News that things went too far this year, even getting parents involved.

“We hit his (an unnamed senior's) house and his dad caught us at a red light while we were leaving and chased us around Hendersonville for 15 minutes,” said a junior who asked not to be identified.

Most of the pranks involve egging and rolling houses, but some students took them to another level by throwing dead animals, damaging cars and firing airsoft guns.

Senior Luke McClendon said lines were crossed. "Yes, 100 perecent," he said. "I’m glad it's over.”

Not everyone agrees, saying that if they have the chance to participate next year, they will elevate the pranking even more.

School Resource Officer Kyle Pierce believes that harmless fun is “beneficial for both classes to create a tighter group ... but the problem I do have is when it becomes a law enforcement issue.”

Story by Brinson Martin, Elena Giordani, Rianna Waters, Gracie Eastman


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