The HHS play “A-Haunting We Will Go” was a success with about 866 tickets sold and strong performances from the cast and crew, theater arts teacher Laurie Kerhoulas-Brown said Monday (Nov. 5).

“I’m really proud of the students and how much better they got as time went on,” said Kerhoulas-Brown, commonly known as Mrs. KB. “The stage crew also did an excellent job with the lighting.”

Less than half the tickets sold – about 365 – were for the public performances Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The rest were purchased by students for a special Halloween morning show, which was sold out.

The story was a thrilling murder-mystery with comical moments and a surprise ending.

Mrs. KB said this was the first time in many years, maybe ever, that a student directed the HHS play.

“I want to brag on my student director Kyra Ankrom,” she said. “I love the play she chose. We had looked at the play a few years ago and she liked it, so she used it.”

All four performances were memorable, but for different reasons.

“Generally, the school show is the most exciting because the crew is performing for their peers, but the last show that we do is the show where we do a senior send off at the very end,” Mrs. KB explained. “Instead of leaving the stage after curtain to go greet people, they stay on stage and say a few words about their experience in theatre and what they are going to do after they leave high school.”

Several HHS students gave the play two thumbs up.

“The actors did a phenomenal job, and it seemed like there were few to no mistakes,” said freshman Tyler McArthur. “It was funny and mysterious.”

Freshman Sam Campbell added, “The ending was unexpected, and the acting was good too.”

Sophomore Avery Petty liked the plot. “It had a good twist,” she said.

Story by Corrine Mitchener

The library has started playing movies for students to enjoy before school and at lunch time.

“We want the library to be the center of HHS and want everyone to have a place to socialize and enjoy their time,” librarian Pamela Hodgeman said of the new feature, which is free and open to all students.

Many have been enjoying the films, which are mostly selected by students. One recent morning, the Robin Williams comedy “Mrs. Doubtfire” played on the big screen.

Movie suggestions can be tweeted to the librarians @commandolibrary.

Story by Thomas Matchell, Hudson Mortimer and Elena Giordani


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