Hmm … 950 guests for a Thanksgiving meal of turkey and dressing, ham, two kinds of potatoes, brown gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls, two types of cake, peach cobbler and fruit salad.

No problem for the women in the HHS cafeteria! They did it again Thursday (Nov. 8) for the school’s annual holiday lunch.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s well worth it,” assistant cafeteria manager Becky Heflin told The Ville News on Thursday, about an hour before the feast was to begin.

If she and manager Dawnette Jolly were nervous about

things going well, they sure didn’t show it. They glided around the kitchen showing off the neatly organized trays of food and answering reporters’ questions.

“We have 700 servings of turkey and 500 servings of ham,” Heflin said as she ladled juice over a big tray of sliced turkey.

A lot of preparation goes into a meal like this, including cleaning and bleaching equipment and surfaces, cooking all the food and slicing the turkeys and hams, and arranging everything so the lines move quickly.

“It’s a long process,” Jolly said.

About three days, in fact. The women began preparing Monday and were in the kitchen at 6 this morning to finish up.

This is by far their largest meal of the year.

It’s also one where Principal Bob Cotter picks up the tab for teachers.

“We’re going to see teachers we’ve never seen before,” Heflin joked.

Story by The Ville News staff


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