The HHS Commandos’ season ended last week with a loss to Murfreesboro Oakland in the second round of the state football playoffs. It was the first season at the helm for head Coach James Beasley, an HHS graduate who was also a player and, later, an assistant under former Coach Bruce Hatfield. The Ville News recently spoke with Coach Beasley about his first year. His edited remarks are below.


Q. What is the biggest difference between being a head coach and an assistant coach? 

A. The biggest difference is having to worry about everything instead of having one role. I’m having to be more involved with the team.


Q. How would you describe your first season as head coach?

A. It was a good first season. I felt like we had a successful season. My goal was for the players to develop and learn to be good people and to work hard – not just for the team but for themselves.


Q. What would you identify as the high point and the low point of the season?

A. The high point was beating Gallatin 35-0. The low point was losing to Franklin 24-7, a team we should have beaten.


Q. What is the biggest lesson you learned from your first year as head coach?

A. I learned that it is harder than I thought to make sure everyone is doing their best and to keep everyone motivated.

Story by Thomas Matchell and Hudson Mortimer


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