Turkey or ham? It’s an age-old question, and The Ville News has finally gotten to the bottom of it.

In a random survey of 22 HHS students, 14 chose turkey over ham as their Thanksgiving favorite.

And that’s not all. Eighteen picked mashed potatoes over sweet potatoes, and 11 chose pumpkin pie over apple pie.

We didn’t include green beans in our survey, but they definitely deserve a shout out. Several students volunteered them as their favorite side dish:

  • “Green beans, for sure.”
  • “Green beans, because they’re easy.”
  • “Green beans; they’re so easy and yummy.”

There you have it. A traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and pumpkin pie is the way to go - especially if you throw in a little gravy, stuffing, hot rolls and apple cider.

Story by The Ville News staff


This year’s HHS United Way drive surpassed its goal of $11,000 by more than $1,000.

“I’m not a gushy kind of person when it comes to this, but I was sure proud last week to see the participation from our faculty,” music teacher Dr. Jeff Phillips, who helped with this year’s drive, wrote in a staff email. “Whether it was the incentives or my harassing announcements or just your sense of goodness, HHS made a huge statement to the community.”

Every teacher at HHS donated to this year’s drive.

“The 100 percent participation is a MAJOR thing,” Phillips wrote. “Whether it’s a classroom activity or any other organization (civic, church), getting 100 percent ‘buy-in’ and participation is just never done.”

Last year, HHS raised about $10,300 for United Way, which funds a variety of community services and programs.

Story by Vincent Brown-Flores and Corrine Mitchener


HHS’ Marketing II class recently returned from their fun-filled trip to Chicago.

Taught by Lisa Baugh and Christy Brown, 23 students from both Retail and Sports Management senior classes were able to take the trip as an incentive for taking the class.

The four-day trip consisted of a variety of activities ranging from taking pictures at the famous Bean sculpture to taking a behind-the-scenes look into Chicago’s largest Nordstrom store.

Maddie Gardner said, “We shopped a lot, ate at some pretty cool restaurants and got to explore too.”

Because it was a semi-educational trip, the class learned marketing and business tools, according to Abby Myers.

“We went to the Field Museum and listened to a girl talk about the marketing aspects of a non-profit,” she said.

The group also had some fun including going on a tour of the Blackhawks hockey team arena and getting tickets to the Chicago Bulls basketball game.

Story by Rianna Waters, Gracie Eastman and Elena Giordiani


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