While HHS band and chorus members are thrilled about being invited to London’s New Year's Parade in 2020, the invite does have a hitch, and it’s a biggie: money.

The trip costs about $3,500 per student.

“I just know that a lot of our students are going to be financially limited, and this is literally the trip of a lifetime, so I’m going to try to do anything I can to get them there,” HHS Chorus Director Elizabeth Evans said.

Evans hopes to knock the expense down by $1,000 per student through sponsorships and fundraisers.

“I’m definitely going to be going to local businesses to see if they would want to donate to sponsor the trip,” she said. “Also, the mayor of Hendersonville said he’s going to try to do stuff to help us out.”

The HHS band will perform during the parade while the chorus will hold floats and other decorations and do several shows around London, including one at the International Choral Festival and another for city delegates. The trip runs Dec. 28, 2019, to Jan. 4, 2020.

Although the experience is pricey, Evans, a former student at England’s Oxford University, said it is well worth the cost.

 “The itinerary is amazing. Everything that’s huge over there, we’re going to do...They're busy from the beginning of the day to end of the day almost every single day. That cost pays for airfare, all meals, all tours they would’ve had to pay for,” she said.

Ashley Baez, a junior and member of the chorus, is already putting in extra hours at her job at McDonald’s.

 “I’m excited and grateful to have this opportunity,” Baez said. “Money-wise, I have a lot to save, but I’ve been working extra to be able to save up enough money on time.”

Story by Yvette Vargas


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