Freshman Allison Moreno hasn’t been herself this week.

 “I haven’t been feeling very well; my sinuses have been acting up,” she said Thursday (Nov. 29).

She’s not alone. HHS nurse Sue Buckberry has had a line outside her clinic all week.

“Everybody right now seems to have the sinus head-cold, sore throat, nausea-kind of thing going around,” Buckberry said.

It’s not flu season yet – that comes later. Still, this round of nastiness is enough to make students feel lousy in the middle of EOC tests and just before final exams.

“Not many kids have been missing, but a handful have been out sick, and when they’re out they’re out for a while,” said Spanish teacher Sarah Wolf.

For students who’ve managed to avoid getting sick so far, Buckberry offers a few tips to help keep the doctor away.

“Wash your hands, drink lots of water, don’t drink or eat after anybody else, and try not to touch your face and mouth,” she said.

Story by Eryn Petty, Claire Grandlienard and Savannah Kane


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