Many HHS students just received an early Christmas gift from the Sumner County School Board.

Classes with a state-mandated End of Course test will not have a final exam under a new policy approved by the board Tuesday (Dec. 11).

The change, which was announced to HHS staff Wednesday in an email from Principal Bob Cotter, affects students in math, English, and U.S. history this semester.

“In a nutshell, EOC classes will not have an exam, and the EOC will count 15 percent” of students’ final average, Cotter said.

Non-EOC classes will still have a final exam, and it will also count 15 percent of the final average.

The school board “no longer wanted EOC kids to have an exam and an EOC that counted for such a large portion of their final grade while non-EOC classes did not,” Cotter wrote.

So next week, teachers in EOC classes can only give a test over material covered or reviewed after the EOC, and the test will count as a regular test grade instead of as a final exam.

“If you do not teach an EOC class, then the only real change is that the exam will count 15 percent,” Cotter told teachers.

Final exams are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday (Dec. 19 and 20).



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