Time with family is a big theme for HHS students heading into the holiday break.

Most everyone we caught up with over the past week or so mentioned family dinners, family vacations and family visits as part of their plans.

They should have plenty of time to fit everything in - from Thursday (Dec. 20) afternoon all the way to Monday, Jan. 7.

Below is a sampling of what students shared with The Ville News about their holiday plans and traditions:

  • Jack Brown, a freshman, will spend Christmas Eve at his grandparents’ house.
  • Nate Vaughn, a senior, is also going to his grandparents, and squeezing in a little snowboarding too.
  • Cole Boyssonneault, a junior, is flying to Canada to visit family.
  • Mckenzie Collins, a senior, will eat Christmas dinner with her family and take a cruise to the Bahamas.
  • Noah Carmean, a freshman, will visit relatives. Ditto for Kendal Rosenboom, a senior, and Jax Winters, a sophomore.
  • Allie Mays, a freshman, will go shopping the Saturday after Christmas with her mom and grandmother, a family tradition.
  • Maya Batson, a sophomore, will have her grandmother over to her house for Christmas.
  • Brett Means, a freshman, will go to his grandparents’ house for dinner; his brothers will all be there too.
  • Abigail Wyatt, a freshman, will head to Mississippi to be with family.
  • Jada Williams, a sophomore, will visit family in Nashville.

Whatever your plans, The Ville News wishes you happy holidays!

Story by Rhianna Wilson and Anela Lopez


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