The Commandos baseball team will play its season-opener at home Tuesday (March 12) against Davidson Academy.

The game begins at 7 p.m. at Drakes Creek Park.

Coach Mike Hendrix said pitching should be a strength this season.

“If our hitting comes through like I hope it does, then I think we have a chance to have a really good baseball team,” Hendrix told The Ville News last week. “We’ve got to score some runs. Our pitchers cannot go out every game thinking they’ve got to throw a shutout for us to have a chance to win.”

The coach described this year’s seniors as "kind of a happy-go-lucky” bunch that will need to stay focused.

“They like to have a lot of fun, sometimes too much fun,” Hendrix said. “That’s the thing about baseball -  graduation is right around the corner, and I hope that they concentrate and that they want to have a good baseball season and not worry about graduation until it gets here.”

Two players, sophomore Spencer Garner and freshman Zach Zimmerle, said they have been working hard to prepare for this season. Garner even played for a summer team in the off-season to try to improve.

“The team can be great as long as we focus on our mental game,” Zimmerle said.

Story by Carson Briscoe, Savanah Williamson and Savannah Vaughn


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