Spring break is a time to kick back and relax for most. It helps us recharge for the EOCs, final exams and that last big push to summer. The Ville News caught up with several students and teachers this week to see what they have planned. Their edited remarks are below.


  • “Working and sleeping,” (Tariyah Pierce, freshman)
  • “A staycation and grading,” (Andrew Martin, English teacher)
  • “Going to Gatlinburg for the whole break,” (McKenzie Gibson, freshman)
  • “Camping for the weekend with my family at Edgar Evins State Park,” (Regan Cothron, Criminal Justice teacher)
  • “Flying to Tampa to meet a friend,” (Stevie Carmen, junior)
  • “Driving to Florida with my family,” (Caden Watterson, junior)
  • “Taking care of a friend’s dogs, going to visit ETSU on Friday and Saturday, then rehearsing for Mary Poppins every other day,” (Mason Mills, senior)
  • “Going to Disney World with my friends for my senior trip,” (Kelsey Dotson, senior)
  • “Heading to Fort Lauderdale with my family and going to the beach,” (Grace Glover, senior)
  • “Spending time with my baby niece and other family members and rehearsing for Mary Poppins throughout the week,” (Kaila Jones, sophomore)
  • “Hanging out with friends and my boyfriend and driving my Jeep,” (Holly Luckett, freshman)
  • “Taking a Disney Cruise with my family,” (Beth Walker, English teacher)
  • “Going to Gulf Shores with the HHS softball team for a tournament,” (Katelyn Wilson, freshman)
  • “I think I’m just going to get in the car and see where I end up. No, I really don’t have plans, but I hope to get away somewhere. I’m going to soak up the sun, get some Vitamin D,” (Angie Woods, librarian)
  • “I’ll be in Atlanta,” (Cheyenne Draper, freshman)
  • “Going to Chattanooga to look at the aquarium,” (Karla Cortez, freshman)
  • "Probably nothing. Homework. A lot of nothing," (Kaliegh Hubbard, freshman)
  • "Going to Gatlinburg, Dollywood," (Hope Norris, sophomore)
  • "I'm going to my grandparents' house and then they're taking me to Ohio," (Mallory Thomas, freshman)

Story by The Ville News staff


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