The HHS Spanish Club held its annual Salsa Night on Tuesday (April 2) to raise money for a Yuda Bands scholarship for a Guatemalan girl.

The Yuda Bands organization provides educational scholarships to students in Guatemala and Africa. The group raises funds by selling handcrafted braclets through schools.

HHS raised about $800 from the braclet sales, and the Salsa Night brought in about $100 more, said Spanish teacher Jessica de Araujo Jorge, who helped organize the event.

The scholarship will help Rosalinda Balan Pumay, who lives in Xesuj, Guatemala, according to a biography on the Yuda Bands website.

"Here my family and I live with very few possibilities for professional success," Rosalinda says in the bio. "I work weekdays and go to school on Saturdays and Sundays. My parents cannot help me pay for school because my dad doesn't earn much and so I need to work and pay for myself.

"Unfortunately, in our country, there is a lot of delinquency among young people," she continues. "That is why I want to contribute to the improvement of my country, and I believe that is possible through education."

During Salsa Night, several students learned to dance Salsa with volunteers from World Champion Productions here in Hendersonville. Casa Vieja donated chips and salsa.

More than 60 students attended the fundraiser. Tickets were $3.

The idea for Salsa Night came from Mrs. Jorge.

“I had a friend who was a Salsa dance instructor when I first began teaching and we decided to give it a try,” she said.

Story by Nikki Pomohaci


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