Jane Banks: “It’s as if the wind blew you in!”

Mary Poppins: “It did.” 

- From the HHS production of “Mary Poppins”


Mary Poppins’ timely arrival not only changed the lives of the Banks family; it also made waves within the HHS student body Wednesday afternoon (April 3).

The performance - a trial run for students with public shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - seemed to excite everyone as it rekindled the childlike-wonder of this classic story.

So what makes “Mary Poppins” so special? “The story about the changes that take place and the importance of family,” said theatre arts teacher Carole Ann Everson, who directs the musical.

And then there is the flying. “Mary flies, Bert flies,” Everson said. “That’s something we have never done before, and that has been quite the experience.”

The show stars Cleo Graham and Carlye Morris as the “practically perfect” Mary Poppins and Aaron Brewer as Bert, the lovable chimney sweep.

Presley Calonge and Sergei Wright also star as Jane and Michael Banks, as well as Tyler Edwards and Carson Jackson as George and Winifred Banks.

“These kids - they are just incredible,” Everson remarked.

“Mary Poppins” also features Hendersonville High’s very own orchestra. All music, and many sound effects, are courtesy of the orchestra with help from Tim Ferguson and Thomas Spears.

The Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening shows will be 7-9:30. A Sunday afternoon performance will begin at 2:30. All tickets are $10 at the door. Be sure to buy tickets ahead of time or come early to guarantee a seat.

Story by Emma Henley and Emily Smith


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