Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” serves as inspiration for tonight’s (April 12) prom. The famous painting covers an entire wall and grabs your attention as soon as you step foot in the newly transformed gym.

Royal blue and gold curtains create a pathway leading into the main area, and the garden-like setup is full of overflowing bouquets featuring some of Van Gogh’s favorites: sunflowers.

Preparation for this year’s prom actually began last year, said art teacher Sandy Kandros, who oversees the annual conversion of the gymnasium.

“We usually reserve our place ahead of time, for the events company that does it, so it starts a year ahead of time. I've already reserved a spot for next year,” Kandros told The Ville News.

 “We get the junior class together sometime in February,” she continued, “and we decide what the theme is, what the colors will be, who we want to DJ. They get together and make committees.”

But prom week is crunch time, a mad sprint after which the gym is barely recognizable as a gym.

“JROTC puts the floor down on Monday, and we spend the rest of the week on it,” Kandros said. “It’s always exciting to see it go up.”

Story by Emily Smith


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