Watching news footage of the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames was unsettling for many this week. As the iconic wooden spire collapsed, people in the streets of Paris could be heard gasping and shouting.

The response in Room 207 at HHS, 4,400 miles away, wasn’t much different.

“I was really upset,” said English teacher Carmen Watts, who has been to the cathedral about a half dozen times and says she is always struck by the beauty of its ornate stained-glass windows. “It hit me kind of hard because it felt like it is one of those monuments that will always be there.”

Parisian officials say the structure, one of the most famous in the world, will be repaired and rebuilt, though that could take decades.

As for Watts, she will be back.

“I love Paris. It is one of my favorite cities,” she said Thursday (April 18). “There are just so many big landmarks to see like the Louvre and of course Notre Dame. It’s just a really beautiful city.”

Story by Alfred Allen, Ava Heeren and Mandy Pirtle




Snow is rare in Middle Tennessee this time of year, but theatre arts teacher Laurie Kerhoulas-Brown would love to spread a little of the white stuff on your spring activities.

She sent an email to Principal Bob Cotter this week letting him know that there is “snow” in Room 148 of the Theatre Department – 252 cans of it.

“We have been given the gift of snow from Walmart,” Mrs. KB wrote of the faux snow, which is packed in 9-ounce spray cans. “It might not get us out of school, but maybe your class needs this for a project.”

Cotter shared the email with faculty along with a photo. The subject heading? “Snow days!”

It’s a sure bet more than a few teachers opened that one.

Story by Kennedy Payne and Savannah Vaughn


The 2019 HHS Prom is behind us, and by many accounts it was a success, though art teacher Sandy Kandros said attendance could have been better.

“I was disappointed that more students didn’t come,” said Kandros, who worked with family and consumer science teacher Beverly Parrott to organize the April 12 event in the gymnasium.

Kandros and Parrott estimated that as many as 70 fewer students attended this year compared to last year. Specific numbers were not immediately available.

Seniors who spoke to The Ville News this week gave the prom mixed reviews.

“I went my junior year, and I will say that junior year was a lot more fun than this past year,” said Rianna Waters.

“It was fun. I expected it to be a lot worse,” remarked Gabby Atkinson.

“You just have to hang out with the right people to have the time of your life,” observed Tariyah Pierce

Annsley Hubbard said she was particularly pleased that Derek Kincaid and Caroline Craighead were chosen Prom King and Queen.

“I voted for them,” Hubbard said.

Story by AnnaGrace Anderson, Ava Craddock and Kennedy Payne



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