Summer jobs, summer vacations, summer tans … HHS students and teachers have big plans for summer.

“Summer break is the best part of the year – no school, no worries, and I can sleep in and do whatever I want,” remarked freshman Jayden Boyles.

Sophomore Gracie Croyle says she will be on the lake a lot with friends and will probably squeeze in a trip to the beach.

Sydney Irons, a junior, will also be on the road. “I’m going to this cheer camp at Ole Miss, and I’m going to California and to Gatlinburg,” she said.

Others have obligations closer to home. Visual arts teacher Lisa Chreene usually works a part-time job in the summer. Algebra teacher Christopher Imber spends the time with his family.

Some students have to skip summer break altogether, or at least a part of it.

“I honestly thought I was going to have to go to summer school this year, but thankfully I as able to pull my grades up just in time,” said junior Cameron Berkers.

Not everyone was as fortunate, though. Several students will be in the Edgenuity Lab making up lost credits.

Whatever you have planned for the summer, computer teacher Jeffrey Jones offers this advice: “Summer blows by quick, enjoy it while you can.”

Story by Eja Hollis, Ava Kobus and Lesley Parrotta


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