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With the start of another school year, many HHS seniors have some advice for incoming freshmen.


“Don’t let other people tell you who you are.” -Mackenzie Perger


“Don’t stand and talk in the middle of the hallway. Get involved. Pick a club and just go for it.”  -Georgia Perry


“Learn to walk fast. Walk with purpose!” -Gabriel Baker


“Take every opportunity. If you like someone, tell them! If you know the answer, raise your hand. If you’re interested in a club, sign up for it. Never let anything go to waste.” -anonymous 


“Don’t goof off. Have fun, but take high school seriously.” -Disha Patel


“Make upperclassmen friends.” -Emily Williams


“Don’t be dumb. Enjoy the four years you’ll have because they really fly by fast.” -Abbey Lewis


“Learn the alma mater and the pep rally chants so you can participate more during the pep rallies” -Joe Schmitz


“Take as many honors classes as you can, and keep your GPA up.” -Sydney Irons


“Dress how you want to dress. What you wear is original, not weird. People will respect you for your differences.” -Maggie Redpath


“Make every day count. Only YOU can decide if you’ll have a good day.” -Ashley Whobrey


Report by Bailey Guy and Owen McClister



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