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As students get adjusted to the new school year, they're sure to notice a few changes around the building.

The hallways were painted gray, black, and gold over the summer, and new black trim was added around the doors and walls.

The project cost $150,000, according to Schools Superintendent Dr. Del Phillips.

Lucy Sims, a senior, likes the new look. She said the freshly painted walls show ”more school spirit.”

The punishment policy on juuling has also changed. Now students will receive an Out-of-School Suspension on the first offense instead of an In-School Suspension.

HHS Principal Bob Cotter said he has some reservations about the new policy, which was put in place at all Sumner County high schools.

“I don’t know how to feel about the change,” Cotter told The Ville News. “I always talk about chronic absenteeism, but now we punish students by making them absent ... I’d rather kids be in school where I know they’re doing something productive rather than sitting at home.”

The library was also remodeled to be more contemporary. Students who have senior project in the library called the room “more open, modern, and clean.”

The shelves are shorter, which leads to less space for books, but it allows the librarians to display books on top of the shelves.

Librarian Angie Woods said she likes that the shorter shelves keep students from “hiding,” as she recalled a day last year when she found a student asleep between the shelves! The student had fallen asleep during lunch, and Woods wrote the student a note for being late to class.

The computers in the library are also arranged at round tables instead of in long lines, which students said makes the library look more cohesive.

Librarian Pam Hodgeman commented, “We want the library to be a relaxing and welcoming place. We want to encourage students to come by and see the new changes.”

There are also 11 new teachers starting their first year at HHS. Be on the lookout for a story featuring the new teachers soon.

Story by Bailey Guy and Owen McClister


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