Another HHS magazine sale is in the books with students raising $54,824 for equipment and improvements to the school.

Collections were down from $69,516 last year, but there were still plenty of bright spots.

The top seller was senior McKenzie Matheson, who pulled in $2,083. She said she was motivated by the cash incentive, which for her ended up being $548.24.

“I knew I would get money for being at least in the top three,” she said.

Savanna Hall was the second-leading seller with $987. She’ll receive a $274 check, but she also is looking forward to the Chick-fil-A prize and enjoyed her teacher’s incentive of donut holes for the class.

Other teachers offered incentives as well. Resource teacher Andrew White, for example, promised sausage biscuits and donut holes, and it appears to have worked because he had 100 percent participation and the fourth-top selling class when averaged per student to adjust for class size.

“It’s fun when you’re on the list that high and when everybody in the class sold something,” said White, whose 11 students – all freshmen - raised $1,346.

Social studies teacher Alex Tummons’ class was the third-place finisher by average with $4,212. The class of 29 freshmen had 100 percent participation. Tummons sprung for donuts as a reward.

“I’m happy all of my freshmen contributed and had pride for their school,” he said.

Story by Alorah Fridley and Hannah Mailander



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