The ACT retake for seniors falls during the craziness of Homecoming Week, and some say the timing couldn’t be worse.

“Thinking about what to wear on dress up days and the football game will be very distracting from the test,” said junior Emilee Sidwell. “They should do it the next week.”

To be clear, the ACT test on Tuesday (Oct. 1) is a practice run for all HHS students except seniors; the test is the real deal for seniors and counts.

Juniors won’t take the real ACT until spring.

Students can take the test, which counts heavily toward college, multiple times to try to improve their score, which is why seniors are retaking it for credit Tuesday.

Assistant Principal Nicole Jimenez, who coordinates standardized testing for HHS, said the scheduling is unfortunate but beyond her control.

“The schools didn’t actually decide the date for ACT,” Jimenez explained. “The state has two date options we can choose from and then the district chooses one of those two dates to test on. This decision was way out of HHS’ hands.”

Even so, some students are uneasy.

“Honestly, I think it’s too much” said junior Matthew Stewart. “It’s just another distraction.”

Beth Brody, the school’s Credit Recovery coordinator, said the week’s events – football game, pep rally, dress-up days, etc. – are spread out enough that they shouldn’t distract students from the test.

“I guess I don’t really see the problem,” Brody said. “Homecoming (the football game) is Friday (Oct. 4) and the ACT is Tuesday (Oct. 1). This is just a fun week, not a week to ‘relax.’ It might be an issue if the ACT was on Friday but, personally, I don't see an issue.”

Story by Corrine Mitchener


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