The calendar may say Sept. 30, but it sure looks and feels like the Fourth of July today at HHS.

Everyone is dressed in red, white and blue and the temperature is pushing 100 outside.

We can’t explain the crazy weather, but we can tell you that today is USA Day as part of this week’s homecoming festivities.

Each day of the week - except for Tuesday (Oct. 1) – features a different dress-up theme. Wednesday is Jersey Day, Thursday is Western Day and Friday is Class Colors Day.

Tuesday is ACT Practice Day – no, just kidding. There is no dress up day Tuesday because the ACT test will be administered. For all but seniors, the test is practice; for seniors, it is the real thing and it counts.

Dress-up days are always a highlight of homecoming. Student body officers put the list together, and like most everything else, some students like their picks and some don’t.

Overall, students give a thumbs up to Jersey Day and Western Day and a thumbs down to USA Day and Class Colors Day.

“I like Jersey Day because you can tell from other people what teams they like,” said freshman Riley Strickland.

Classmate Kolby Synder is looking forward to Wester Day. “I’m excited because I get to wear my jorts!”

USA Day took it on the chin for being a repeat.

“Monday is boring, because we already did that for the game,” observed freshman Chloe Martin, while friend Alexis Adkins added, “I think repeating USA Day is kind of lame.” 

Many also poo-pooed Class Color Day as “too basic.”

Freshman Kayden Albin summed up the sentiment best: “They should switch it up, it’s boring.”

Story by Miranda Heatherly, Lillian Woodward and Robyn Sherrill


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