It’s time for sleeping in, pumpkin spice lattes and - fingers crossed! -  warm sweaters. Whether you’ll be traveling to another state or just traveling to your fridge at home, Fall Break is finally here.


And so is cooler weather. The forecast for next week calls for sunny skies with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s - a huge swing from the record-setting heat we’ve endured this autumn


HHS students and faculty say they’ll be enjoying the mild weather and the time off.


Many will be traveling. Isabella Patterson and Rachel Taylor, seniors, will both be going on a cruise to the Dominican Republic. Anna Walters, junior, will be driving to Oklahoma for a Billie Eilish concert. Sophomore Tristan Glover will be going to a lake house, while classmate Jason Manis is headed to Washington with his grandparents. Freshman Paige Pardue will be traveling to Arizona to visit old friends. 


Vincent Brown-Flores, a senior, said, “I’m going to the Grand Canyon because I just turned 18, so I decided I wanted to go.”


Some students will be indulging their adventurous side over Fall Break, like Amelia Powell, freshman, who will be traveling to North Carolina to visit a haunted house. Just as daring, senior Gnuel Marroquin will be getting a new tattoo over the break. Sophomore Peyton Shadowens said he’s going to a space program in Nashville to look at spaceships.


Many seniors will be spending the break preparing for the future, like Joe Marritt who plans to apply for colleges and Cason Smith who will be touring the University of Missouri and the University of Oklahoma. 


Other students have opted to have a staycation. Tre Spence, freshman, will be babysitting his sister’s dog, and Zachary LaBlanc, junior, will be spending time with his cousins who are coming into town. 


Fall Break also presents the perfect opportunity for catching up on all your favorite shows. Sophomore Bella Tittle says, “I plan on binge watching as many shows on Netflix as I can.” Even long-time HHS teacher and sub Joe Mangin says he plans to catch up on sleep and TV.


Whatever your plans are, we hope you have a great Fall Break and enjoy your time off from school! 


Story by Bailey Guy and Owen McClister


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