Thinking of dressing up for Halloween? Better wait until after school.


HHS policy says no masks, crazy makeup or costumes of any kind.


“Safety is the main reason,” Principal Bob Cotter told The Ville News recently.


Even so, students are looking forward to Halloween, especially this year with no class on Friday (Nov. 1).


There are plenty of fun things to do, even if you hate scary stuff.


“My mom and I usually go to the pumpkin patch together and paint pumpkins,” said freshman Reagan Tate.


Guidance counselor Michelle Nevels said she and her young sons will watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” carve pumpkins and decorate the house.


Junior Brent Rowe’s Halloween plans also involve pumpkins – and pumpkin guts.


“I’m going to my friend’s party and taking the stuff out of the pumpkin and having a fight with it,” he said.


After they clean up the mess, they’ll roast and eat the seeds.


Haunted houses are big on many Halloween lists. Junior Kyra Hodge says she’s going to one with her boyfriend.


Haunted houses may be a Halloween tradition, but they're not the only one. Here is a sampling of other spooky traditions:


  • “My parents always read a Halloween book for me and my siblings.” – sophomore Savannah Kane


  • “My family always goes trick or treating together with coordinating costumes. We also have a pumpkin-carving contest.” – sophomore Brennan King


  • “Every year, I carve a pumpkin with a neat design.” – sophomore Sydney McDaniel


  • “My family always goes to the pumpkin patch next to HHS and we take pictures and pick a pumpkin to carve.” – sophomore Carrigan Martin



Story by The Ville News staff


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