The HHS Theatre Program put on a sold-out performance of “The Wind in the Willows” for the student body Wednesday (Nov. 20) in the Taylor Swift Auditorium.

Public performances will be 7 p.m. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 21, 23 and 24) and 2:30 p.m. Sunday (Nov. 24). Tickets are $8 at the door.

“The Wind in the Willows” follows the adventures of anthropomorphic animals Mole, Rat, Badger, Toad, and their friends. These characters were played by HHS seniors Carly Martin (Mole), Sara Amis (Rat), Payton Lucas (Badger) and Mackenzie Perger in the lead role of Toad. 

Students who bought a $5 ticket watched the play during 1st block and part of 2nd. 

The audience seemed to find the 90-minute show entertaining.

“My favorite part of the play was the big fight scene,” said senior Helton Porter. “It was really cool especially the Matrix part. It was amazing because I don’t know how you keep your balance.”

Junior Danny Brewington also liked the fight scene. “When the characters were fighting, that was awesome,” he said.

Sophomore William Becker enjoyed the part when Portly Otter was tackled. “That was cool,” Becker said.

It’s a fun-filled play, so don’t miss your chance to see it!

Story by Cailsey Scott & Gabriel Williams


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