You’ve probably noticed the blue tarp draped over the HHS sign at the Cherokee Road entrance and wondered what’s up.

The sign itself will stay the same, but the grounds around it will be spruced up with new landscaping and other improvements.

“Ever since we had the sign put in, I wanted to do something around it to make it look better,” HHS Principal Bob Cotter told The Ville News.

Before the plants can go in, an irrigation system will be added.

“The reason it’s covered (with the tarp) is because we had dirt brought in, and we don’t want it to wash away with the rain,” Cotter explained. “But as soon as the irrigation is done, we’re going to landscape.”

The landscaping costs about $1,000 and the irrigation about $3,000. 

The project is expected to be finished in the next couple weeks.

By Lillian Woodward, Robyn Sherril and Miranda Heatherly


The HHS library purchased 300 new books in September and October, with many different genres represented.

Librarian Pamela Hodgeman said the books include fiction, biography, romance, horror, fantasy and science fiction.

The books are either on display or in the cart in front of the circulation desk.

Story by Cynthia Maravilla



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