Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s a time for family, food and great memories. We asked a few HHS students and teachers to share their thoughts on the holiday.


They told us about family traditions …


“Every year my family and I watch 'Indiana Jones' before our Thanksgiving meal.” - Savannah Kane, sophomore


“We usually go to my uncle's house in Georgia and we have a big roast, it’s pretty fun.” - Tucker Dunn, senior


“My grandmother is amazing. She is 92 and still cooks her famous macaroni and cheese and hosts Thanksgiving every year at her house.” - Laurie Kerhoulas-Brown, theater arts teacher


“My sister and I do the wishbone thing. I never win.” - Sarah Whitlow, senior


And family memories...


“My brother has autism and one time we were about to say the prayer and he started singing ‘Happy Birthday.’” - Alex Brown, junior


“One time my grandpa dropped the turkey while pulling it out of the oven. So, we had everything but the turkey that year.” - Mitchell Church, senior


“For the last 20 years or so, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we have a big turkey fry and fry up anywhere from 10-20 turkeys. It’s kind of a guys’ night.” - Bob Cotter, principal


And the Thanksgiving Sandwich …


“The single most important aspect of any holiday that we celebrate here in America, or even really abroad, is the Thanksgiving Sandwich. You take a conglomeration of all the individual dishes, and you join them all together in a sandwich/religious experience where you consume them all at once. Just take a couple pieces of bread, some mashed potatoes, some green bean casserole, some sweet potato casserole, some cranberry sauce, some turkey, some ham, and put it all together in one sandwich. … I think we should all do our part this year and partake.” - Sam Gilbert, English teacher


Story by Bailey Guy and Owen McClister



For some, Christmas can’t come soon enough.


You know them, those people who listen to “Jingle Bells” in September.


“On November 1st, I decorate my room with Christmas stuff,” said freshman Charity Kinnard. 


Senior Angel Kirby also likes to get into the spirit early. 


“Are you going to put a turkey on top of a tree? You don’t decorate for Thanksgiving,” she said.


Sophomore Evan Walker said Christmas is the “main holiday” and should overshadow Thanksgiving.


But junior Matthew Stewart likes to let his turkey and pumpkin pie settle before skipping ahead to Christmas.


“People put it before Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving comes first,” Stewart said.


Principal Bob Cotter says to each their own.


“The spirit hits them when it hits them and if they want to put it up before Thanksgiving, let them put it up. It’s fun. I usually put my stuff up right after Thanksgiving, but I have friends who have to have their tree up by Thanksgiving Day,” Cotter said.


The annual how-soon-is-too-soon debate might be more heated than usual this year, observed guidance counselor Michelle Nevels.


“I’m listening to Christmas music right now, but I think the cold weather is getting people in the spirit extra early,” she said.


Story by Alorah Fridley and Hannah Mailander


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