Alright ladies, we all know how inconvenient our “time of the month” might be.  

After realizing how much more difficult menstrual cycles are when a girl doesn’t have the proper care she needs, senior Abbey Lewis decided to take action. You’ve probably seen signs everywhere around HHS for the Period Drive, a fundraiser started by Lewis.

The Period Drive will be collecting tampons(regular), sanitary pads(regular) and monetary donations to give girls in Sumner County access to the feminine care they need.  Donations can be brought to health science teacher Julia MacFarland in Room 138 through Friday (Dec. 13).     

The Period Drive began as a research project, according to Lewis. 

 “I had been wanting to do some type of donation drive for a while now, I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do,” she said. “I started doing more research around menstrual equity here in the United States, and that’s what got me interested in doing it.”  

Lewis planned this fundraiser with the help of Mike Shelton, coordinator of the Sumner County Family Resource Center. All collected items will be donated to the center. 

 “I’ve been in contact with him for a couple weeks about it, and he helped me get the whole thing started,'' Lewis said. 

 HHS Assistant Principal Nicole Jimenez is also involved.

 “I just volunteered to help because it’s something that I’m passionate about and it’s a cause that I’m interested in,” Jimenez shared. “So, I was sort of  volunteered to help Abbey to make it happen.”  

Girls missing school because of a lack of feminine health products is a bigger problem than many would imagine, according to Lewis.  

“As of now, it’s hard to see how many days of school a girl will miss because of her period,” Lewis explained. “Most girls will call in sick from school saying they have a really bad headache … so it’s hard to hold that number accountable. Right now that number’s one in five, but it’s probably a lot more than that.”

 Although the goal is to collect 1,000 of each item, Lewis hopes to get as many as possible.  After the first week, 358 pads and 436 tampons have already been donated.   

Anyone with additional questions can reach out to Lewis at (615) 681-7030 or to Mrs. Jimenez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Story by Bridget Bireley and Rain Adams