EOC testing wraps up Friday (Dec. 13) at HHS. The Ville News recently spoke with Assistant Principal Nicole Jimenez, who coordinated this semester’s tests.

The EOCs are required by the state and weigh heavily in student, teacher and school performance. Jimenez’s edited remarks are below.


Q: Why are EOCs on paper this year and will they stay that way? Teachers and students seem to prefer them on paper.

A: They’ve had it on computers in the past, but there were a lot of technical and logistical issues, so the state decided to switch back to paper to hopefully get those issues resolved. I believe that we’ll probably go back to taking it on computers, but I couldn’t say when that will be.


Q: Why are the exams stretched out over so many days? Wouldn’t it better to condense the testing time and get it over with?

A: We feel that rather than make students sit for three hours in one day, we can do it an hour over three separate days and make it less stressful. That also gives students a mental and physical break.


Q: Do you have students come to you because they are stressed about EOCs?

A: I haven’t had any come to me personally, but teachers will tell me that some are stressed. Not all students are stressed, but it does stress some students out. I do agree that it is stressful because it does take a lot of time; the testing is really long. And especially for freshman and sophomores, they take the most tests and so I think it can be stressful. 


Q: Why can’t students be exempt from EOCs?

A: You can be exempt from final exams, but you cannot be exempt from EOCs. It’s like taking TCAP in middle school - it’s required and it doesn’t matter about your attendance or grades. Everyone must take it.


Story by Emerysn Dyer and Lillian Woodward